Pest Control Blog: Eliminating Mice, Cockroaches and the Other PestsPest Control Blog: Eliminating Mice, Cockroaches and the Other Pests

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Pest Control Blog: Eliminating Mice, Cockroaches and the Other Pests

Hi, my name is Susie, and I used to feel like I as a magnet for pests. As soon as I got rid of the fruit flies, the cockroaches would appear. As soon as I got rid of the cockroaches, the mice would appear. It felt like a never-ending cycle until I learned how to deal with each pest in its own way. If you want to learn to eliminate pests from your home forever, you need a foolproof strategy. You need a basic understanding of each type of pest, and you also need to know when to call the pros. Want to learn those tips? Then, explore this blog.


Clearing Up Common Misconceptions About Pest Control For Your Home

Pest control is very important for a residential home; ants, roaches, termites and rodents are not only unsettling, but they can carry germs and diseases and cause untold damage to your home's framework and building materials. If you're considering pest control for your home but aren't sure if it's the right choice at the moment, note a few misconceptions you might have about the process. This will ensure you make the best decision when it comes to protecting your home and your family.

Pests will scatter to a neighbour's home

It's not unusual to think that pest control means simply running pests off your property. However, pest control typically means applying certain poisons to various areas of your home to kill those pests, not allow them to go elsewhere. Proper pest control of your home is actually the best way to protect a neighbour's home, as this will keep those pests from breeding and then moving on to another source of food, such as the house next door.

Pest control is harmful to humans

The sprays used to spread poisons meant for ants, roaches and termites are typically far too weak to affect a human; it may be recommended that you vacate the home for a time and keep windows open for fresh air circulation after the home is fumigated, but otherwise, your health should be fine. Also, pest control for rodents typically involves leaving pellets of certain chemicals that they will ingest; if you don't eat those pellets yourself, they shouldn't cause you any harm!

Note, too, that it may actually be more harmful to your health to ignore proper pest control. Insects and rodents can spread germs and diseases that are dangerous to you and children, so having the home fumigated or treated as necessary can be the healthier choice overall.

DIY pest control is just as effective as hiring a professional

You can certainly set out traps if you have one mouse in the home, and the occasional sighting of ants might be dealt with on your own, but for a true pest infestation, it's best to call a professional. He or she will evaluate the home to note the extent of the pest problem and will also know the most effective treatment method for your particular pest. There may also be certain areas of the home that should be treated for maximum effectiveness, including outdoor areas, such as around a pile of firewood or the home's shed or garage.