Pest Control Blog: Eliminating Mice, Cockroaches and the Other PestsPest Control Blog: Eliminating Mice, Cockroaches and the Other Pests

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Pest Control Blog: Eliminating Mice, Cockroaches and the Other Pests

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Handy Pest Control Tips You Could Employ For Possums

Insects and pests are unavoidable if you have a yard. Luckily, most of them tend to be harmless and would most likely simply be an annoyance when you are spending time outdoors. However, there are those critters that you should be wary of as they can cause significant structural damage to your premises. Moreover, some of these critters could also be carrying diseases and a host of microbes that could potentially be a health hazard. One of the pests that fall under this category is possums. This is why it is prudent to try to prevent possums from taking up residence on your property. Below are some of the handy pest control tips that could employ to deter possums from invading your property.

Eliminate all sources of food from your yard

Possums are known to be scavengers hence, they will be attracted to any property that promises an abundance of food sources that they could take for granted. Therefore, your first line of defence against possums would be to ensure that you are not providing food unintentionally. The first thing that you should do is ensure that all your trash is sealed tightly. Use trash bins with secure covers so that the possums cannot pry them open. You should also take measures to have your trash removed from the property on a regular basis so that the possums are not attracted to the whiff of decaying food items.

Secondly, if you have any pets, do not feed them outdoors. Some pets may not finish their food portions, leaving ample supplies for possums. Instead, start feeding your pet indoors to discourage any possums from wandering onto your property.

Thirdly, if you have any fruit trees on your property, ensure that any fallen fruit is picked up on a day-to-day basis. This fallen fruit will not only attract possums but once it starts decaying, it could lead to insects infesting your yard too.

Eliminate all sources of shelter

Another way of preventing pests from taking up residence on your compound is ensuring they do not have shelters to take advantage of. The first thing to do would be to ensure that your grass does not become overgrown, as this would provide suitable hiding for the possums.

Secondly, ensure that any planters and barrels that you have lying around on your property are upright and closed. Overturned containers can easily provide a shelter for possums that are looking for shelter. For more information, contact companies like Allstate Pest Control.